ASTM B568 Coating Thickness by XRF


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APM Testing provides A2LA accredited services for plating thickness by XRF testing at a fair price, with prompt delivery, and a detailed test report. Our laboratory also provides laboratory services for plastic testing, metal testing, rubber testing, oil testing, paint testing, plating testing, adhesive testing, circuit board testing, and other testing.

Purpose: Non-destructively measure the thickness of a metallic plating.

Sample: One plated area 0.010 inches (0.25 mm) in diameter or larger.

Basic Description: ASTM B568 X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive method of measuring plating thickness by using an X-ray beam to excite the surface of a sample and then calculating the intensity of the energy returned by the plating versus the base material. Each element emits energy at a different wavelength so the plating and base material show separate peaks in the XRF spectrum. An increase in plating thickness results in a larger peak from the plating material and a smaller peak from the base material. Coatings that are non-metallic or very thick are better measured in cross section by optical microscopy (ASTM B 487) or scanning electron microscopy (ASTM B748). ASTM B568 XRF analysis allows accurate plating thickness measurements down to one micro-inch (0.03 micrometer). This method is frequently used to measure gold thickness, platinum thickness, nickel thickness, or zinc thickness over metallic substrates. Results are reported in a table with five or more readings per sample.

Limitations: Standards of known thickness are required to generate a calibration curve for each plating and base material combination. Cannot measure elements with an atomic weight less than that of calcium. A minimum area of 0.010 inches (0.25 mm) in diameter is required for accurate measurements.


  • Fischer XAN Series XRF, Fischer XDVM Series XRF

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