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Machine Shop Services

Other Testing, Custom Testing Methods, Mechanical tests, electrical testing

provides A2LA accredited (ISO 17025) laboratory services for many unusual or custom test methods which don't fit well into other categories. In addition to custom testing, our laboratory also does plastic testing, metal testing, rubber testing, oil testing, paint testing, plating testing, adhesive testing, and circuit board testing.

Custom Mechanical Testing

Our machine shop has the capabilities to make custom fixtures for a wide range of applications. We have measured the amount of force to push a button, insertion force for a snap fit component, removal force for a syringe, frictional measurements of furniture sliders, torque measurements of a bearing plate, spring constant, breaking load of automotive structural components, shear strength of vibration dampeners. We have accurate load measurement capabilities ranging from 50,000 pounds (200 kN) down to 0.001 pound (5 mN).

Custom Electrical Testing

We have set up basic electrical cycling of relays and other components while they were stressed in an environmental chamber. Insulation volume resistivity (SAE J1128) is measured on cables after heating in an ionic salt bath to help detect porosity in the insulation.

Other Testing

Often our equipment can also be used for measurements on materials that we don't normally test. If you have a test method that we don't list then contact us and we will look into whether it is possible in our labs.

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